Custom Kits

D and D Laboratory has a unique Custom Kit System that ensures our customers have the testing supplies they need, when needed. The Kits' custom sizing is found in three variations of boxes—large, medium and small. The large holds up to 100 tubes per kit, the medium up to 50 and the small up to 10.

The Kit comes ready-to-use and requires no assembly. Simply open the box, remove the tubes and start collecting samples. After the Kit is received at the lab, we will restock it and send it back to the customer free of charge.

Why Custom Kits?

Eliminates the Hassle

Water and dialysate sample collection kits continue to be a challenge for customers to maintain and store on their own. Traditionally, testing labs require the customer to build, gather and collate the materials needed for the collection. D and D Custom Kits, however, eliminate that hassle by taking the responsibility out of the customer's hands by supplying the materials for them.

Saves on Shipping

UPS and FedEx currently charge based on dimensional pricing, so the need to minimize the size of the kit is more cost effective. D and D Custom Kits do just that by fitting the box size to the sample collection size, cutting the cost of shipping and passing the savings on to the customer.

What's in a Custom Kit?

All Custom Kits (Sample Collection Supplies) include:

  • Shipping box
  • Freezer pack
  • Foam pack
  • Requisition form
  • Test tubes and bottles

*Kit components and shipment of kits to client is included in the price.

Our inventory and control system tracks and monitors all kits shipped to the customer and all kits received at the lab. This assists the customer in maintaining their supply of kits and eliminates them from having to constantly re-order and purchase supplies.